White German Shepherds facts


White German Shepherd Dog is originated from German. Mr Von Stephanitz discovered this dog.


White German Shepherd Dog are white is color also the shape & Size is similar to the normal one.


There are two types of White German Shepherd's coats: a short and long coat.


A White German Shepherd's life expectancy is very long. They can live for between 12-14 years.

Food & Diet

The White Shepherd is a large breed and should be fed a large diet. You should feed your White Shepherd a special diet designed for large dogs.


This breed of white dog is active and requires a lot of exercise. They are a working dog and often used as police dogs, so they require lots of stimulation.

Family Pet

White Shepherds make a great family dog. They are loyal and will protect you from any danger. This makes them a great guard dog.


The White German Shepherd Shepherd is intelligent and easy to train. You can praise them verbally and give them tasty treats to let them know that they are doing a great job.